Stay home, drink beer



A beer party isn’t a wine and cheese evening, it’s a party.

From massive smash-ups in our favourite pubs, to Noisey music events and the raucous OBL Pub Quiz (trust us, that’s not an oxymoron), we're now running regular parties up and down the country every month — come drink beer with us, responsibly.


The Beer

VICE made a beer? Why?

The logic was simple: we've been throwing parties around the world for 20 years, we drink beer at those parties - so why not make our own?

That meant you knew how to brew beer?

While we could always tell you what made a great beer, actually making one turned out to be beyond us. There was that one time our beer tasted like margarine. And a bunch of times when it just wasn’t very good. We basically got taken to beer school.

So what's changed?

We took everything we learned from the times it didn’t quite work out to our favourite brewmasters at Laine Brew Co, who now brew the beer in the South Downs. We call it New Standard Lager.

New Standard Lager?

OK, so standard shouldn’t mean boring, and it shouldn’t mean shit. You deserve better than that. Standard should be the thing you keep coming back to because you fucking love it. Old Blue Last is brewed to that new standard, a new standard that you can - finally - believe in.

Ok, I get it. How's it taste?

It’s dry for drinkability with a subtle fruity aroma and a clean finish, so it’s properly refreshing. A party lager with genuine substance.


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