A beer party isn’t a wine and cheese evening, it’s a party.

From massive smash-ups in our favourite pubs, to Noisey music events and the raucous OBL Pub Quiz (trust us, that’s not an oxymoron), we're now running regular parties up and down the country every month — come drink beer with us, responsibly.


The Beer

Why did VICE make a beer?

The logic was simple: we've been throwing parties around the world for 20 years, we drink beer at those parties - so why not make our own? In 2016 we showed our beer to the people of NYC, the people liked the beer, so we started importing it to the UK last year.

Is it a craft thing?

Not exactly. Instead of being made under an arch next to a yoga studio it's made in Newark, New Jersey by men and women in denim overalls: Tony Soprano is their line manager and Bruce Springsteen works in quality control.

How's it taste?

You know lager? It’s like that, only different. It’s hazy like a park on 420, just a tiny bit citrusy and has the kind of aftertaste that like the very best of house guests, won't stick around.


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